Responsible Mailing is committed to reducing the impact of direct mail upon the environment. We achieve this aim by:

Minimizing the environmental impact of our operations wherever and whenever possible.

  • Sourcing raw materials which have the minimum environmental impact during manufacture, use and subsequent disposal
  • Reducing material usage and waste wherever possible and practical
  • Offering the services for list verification, database screening against the Mailing Preference Service, Goneaways and Deceased registers to reduce undeliverable and unwelcome mail
  • De-duplication of data lists to reduce unwelcome and wasteful duplicates
  • Training, developing and seeking to involve our people in the relevant aspects of environmental best practices


  • Communicating our environmental policy and practices to our clients and regularly provide information of the implications of changes
  • Recycling surplus materials/waste wherever possible
  • Supporting the work of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust through corporate sponsorship
  • Supporting Children’s Safety Education Foundation through corporate sponsorship, helping to create a safer community for children
  • Winning the 2007 Corporate Responsibility Award for our environmental awareness and commitment to the local community
  • Working with local suppliers and employing local people