Managing your data

You may have produced the most exciting and visually creative mail piece, but if it fails to reach its target or if first impressions are bad, the investment in your carefully prepared message will be wasted. We work hard to ensure our clients' mailing campaigns are as targeted as possible.

Poor quality address data will adversely affect your response rates and increase your postage costs. We offer a full range of data processing services to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing programme.

Returns Processing

Your mail returns can be delivered back to us to enable your customer database is updated, ensuring one of your most valuable assets is kept in tip-top condition. Alternatively, any returned mail can be delivered back to your premises.

File De-Duplication

Duplicate entries can often creep into mailing lists over time. By conducting regular de-duplication of your lists you can keep your costs and reputation in check.

MPS Screening

People who have actively opted out of receiving direct mail are listed on MPS. We can check your mailing list against MPS and remove any contacts found to be on this list. You can actually be fined for sending unwanted mail to these contacts.

Gone Away & Mortality Suppression

Mailing lists degrade over time with people moving house, getting married and changing jobs all the time.

Regular maintenance of your mailing list can ensure that gone-aways are updated and deceased records are removed from your database to avoid embarrassment and upset to your customers.

Postal Address File (PAF) Validation

The Royal Mail's postal address file (PAF) is the authoritative mailing database against which all others are verified.

By validating your data against the PAF file you can ensure your data is accurate and obtain the maximum postal discounts available on the various schemes operated by Royal Mail, Whistl and others.