Data Protection Laws are changing...

No doubt you will have already heard mutterings about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into effect on 25th May 2018. The revised legislation will bring into force new rules for how personal data (any data which includes a contact name) is collected, stored and sent information to.

If you send us data for a postal mailing, please ensure it has been supplied 'GDPR Compliant' if you are using a mailing list supplier. Alternatively, if you are using your own client/prospect data, it is your responsibility to ensure that it has been compiled, maintained and held according to the GDPR legislation.

Finally, you must include 'opt out' wording on all your postal mailings. We can pop this onto the envelope or carrier sheet if you do not want to include it on your insert (s).

We can data audit and cleanse your mailing lists if required and would suggest that the ICO and DMA websites would be good sources of information regarding your new responsibilities under GDPR legislation.



Mailsorted postage services and unsorted DSA rates increased at the beginning of January. Contact us for estimates.